An award-w
inning designer and digital marketing professional currently living in Chicago, I studied art at Western Michigan University and the University of Michigan. The complexities and necessities of life side-tracked me for many years, but the death of my beloved Mother in 2011 made me realize that it was time to pursue my dreams. I'm now committed to following my need to explore and create. 

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"More and more over the years I find myself drawn to the complexity and surprise of what lies beneath the surface. I build the layers. I savor the evolution. I value subtlety and the patina of experience and time. I’m compelled to scratch through to reveal the mystery, the history, and to expose what lies alluded to or hidden. My art is an addictive exploration. Creativity = curiosity, a human attribute most acute when we are children, and something we must consciously revive and cultivate as adults. This is one of my personal quests."